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Opening: November Saturday 19, 2011, h. 18.00 - 21.00
Period: November 21, 2011– January 8, 2012
Artists: Arcangelo Ciaurro, Jernej Forbici, Johannes Nielsen
Location: PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Viale Sant'Antonio 59/61, Varese
+39 0332 320990 | |
Edited by: Sofia Macchi, Domitilla Musella
Visiting hours: From Monday to Friday: 10.00-18.00
Saturday: 10.00-12.30 16.00-19.00
Closed on Wednesday | For other hours ask an appointment
In collaboration with: Gallery Bianca Maria Rizzi Ritter, via Tertulliano 70, Milan
Gallery Abante, Hornsgatan 44, Stockholm

NaturAzioni is the iconographic realisation of an analysis which focuses upon the manifold possibilities through which human beings can imagine their own essence and the dynamics of its interaction with nature.

Arcangelo Ciaurro, Jernej Forbici and Johannes Nielsen, three different artists for age, place of origin and artistic approaches, are going to present three distinct modalities of interaction between man and nature, the thematic heart of the exhibition.

The tastes of landscape by Arcangelo Ciaurro stress the various aspects which spring from the relation between man and nature. A physical-emotional inquiry, aimed at representing the inner comfort originated from the going through and coming to contact with nature. Paintings which come to life thanks to a creative process, starting when the artist physically enters Varese's woods, plunging into them, letting them act upon himself, going into raptures for their colours and the light which filters through the branches. A physical-emotional experience transmitted upon the canvas, with the precise intent of seizing Beauty and Truth. Paintings with unique colours which superimpose one another, intersect and blend upon the surface of the painting, enhancing the Sign marked by the artist.
Fundamental structure of his stylistic framework and chief subject of his works, the trees: carrying a specific meaning, given by their symbolic aspect which establishes both a strong bond with the earth and a spiritual aspiration, due to the branches which aim toward the sky. Characteristics rendered through almost insubstantial lines, electrical ramifications which break the background into fragments, interlacing and creating corners of truth. They induce us to wonder how long we can keep eroding and pauperizing the landscape, instead of radically changing the mechanistic and dualistic theory which exploits it, making it suffer our continuous abuses. Evocative foreshortens which induce towards a contemplative attitude, allowing the complete syntony with nature; a total synergy from which a human, wise and responsible behavior can be born.

Starting point of Jernej Forbici's artistic research is an infinite sequence of landscapes, soaked with a neoromantic melancholy and moulded by a painting of matter, scratched and suffered. Skeletons of wood and some sketched profile of trees could be intended by an inattentive observer as idyllic landscapes, if he was not overcome by the blood-red explosions in the foreground. Violent splashes which remember the horrors concealed behind normality, projecting us to Kidricevo – a little town near to Maribor, famous for the production of aluminium- transformed into a toxic waste dump. Paintings conveying a warning upon the destiny of our planet, which every day dies a little more; a distressing metaphor of a misunderstood thought of modernity.

The sculptures by Johannes Nielsen focus again upon human figure. Sketched humans, moulded from bronze, which branch through the environment, plunged into a transcendental horizon, in which also man is inscribed. Objects of art which reveal them as 'function of nature'. Bronze, their constituent essence, creates the motion that is then detected by the eyes of the audience. A perfect description of how art becomes a function of nature, stressing its absolute supremacy. The purpose of this artistic path is to disclose how art, or better its artificiality, is an instrument through which nature restores its non-transcendence. Sculptures representing mild human figures, which root within the earth and aim towards unlimited universes; powerful and seductive foreshortens which lead to Mother Nature; apocalyptical destructions, premonitions of a possible future. Points of view, different concepts and techniques with a common objective: refound the concept of nature, of which man is an integral part, not the executioner; make art an instrument for eco-bearableness, on duty for a future hope.

works in the exhibition
Arcangelo Ciaurro
Jernej Forbici
Johannes Nielsen
Clara Castaldo
ArteVarese 16 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte. Ed è subito tris"
Clara Castaldo
ArteVarese 16 Novembre 2011
"Video con intervista"
Erika La Rosa
Varese News 17 Novembre 2011
"L'arte parte da un punto. Apre una nuova Galleria nel cuore di Casbeno"
Andrea Giacometti
Varese Report 18 Novembre 2011
"Punto sull'Arte, uno spazio nel cuore di Casbeno"
Varese Report 19 Novembre 2011 "Punto sull'Arte a Casbeno, tra sold out e lapsus"
Mario Chiodetti
La Provincia di Varese 20 Novembre 2011
Il "Punto sull'arte" di Sofia Macchi. Apre la mostra delle NaturAzioni
R.R. Varese News 20 Novembre 2011 "Arte in città, nasce una galleria a Casbeno"
Mario Chiodetti
La Provincia di Varese 23 Novembre 2011
La galleria debutta con tre letture della natura