Opening reception: June, 15th Thursday 2017, h. 18 - 21
Dates: June 16th – August 5th 2017
Location: PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Viale Sant'Antonio 59/61, Varese
+39 0332 320990 | |
Visiting hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00

The fourth edition of the exhibition "<20 15x15 / 20x20 | PUNTO SULL'ARTE Collection" will gather this year 13 Artists, Italian and foreign painters and sculptors, characterized by different national and international experiences. The opening recption will be on THURSDAY 15th JUNE from 6 to 9 PM at PUNTO SULL'ARTE Gallery in Varese – Casbeno.
As in the past editions, each artist has made works starting from the standard sizes 15x15 cm and 20x20 cm. Each of them freely expressed, without a fixed subject nor technical bonds. Various methods and supports were used: from oil and acrylic painting to different types of resins, from coloured biros to gold foil, from canvas to bronze, up to copper slabs. The result is shown within the group exhibition closing the season of the PUNTO SULL'ARTE Gallery before summer: an exposition built upon unique works specifically created for this occasion, personal and unreleased pieces of art in limited edition.

Artisti: Angelo ACCARDI, ANNALÙ, Valentina CECI, Manuel FELISI, Max GASPARINI, Claudia GIRAUDO, Federico INFANTE, Andrea MARICONTI, Lara MARTINATO, Kyoji NAGATANI, Alex PINNA, Davide PUMA, Giorgio TENTOLINI

opere presenti
Matthias Brandes
Mario Branca
Arcangelo Ciaurro
ArteVarese, 1 Novembre 2013
Una mostra tra caos e bellezza
Mario Chiodetti,
La Provincia di Varese, 10 Novembre 2013
Il Punto dell'Arte tra Caos e Bellezza
Andrea Giacometti,
VareseReport, 17 Novembre 2013
Varese, con "Caos e bellezza" Punto sull'Arte festeggia due anni di mostre
Laura Balduzzi,
LombardiaOggi, 24 Novembre 2013
Grovigli di colore tra caos e bellezza
Arte Mondadori,
Dicembre 2013
La natura come Caos e Bellezza