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Valeria Vaccaro

Portrait picture of Valeria Vaccaro Valeria Vaccaro's artistic endeavour, whether in the plastic or the two-dimensional works, revolves around fire, natural and dynamic element that, in the act of combustion, generates renewal through the purification of all things, elevating them to a level of higher perfection. In her works fire is present not as a destructive factor, but as a creative force, capable of generating transformations and shaping the material. Her seemingly wooden works are discovered, after careful observation, to be masterfully carved in marble. One finds power and fragility cohabiting in everyday objects where it is possible to glimpse the whiteness and the brightness among the burn marks.

Valeria Vaccaro was born in Turin in 1988. After attending the artistic high school, she studies sculpture at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. She has exhibited regularly since 2005. From 2013 to 2015 she participates in the itinerant European Biennial JCE Jeune Création Européenne. In 2015 she exhibits at Exhibit a Torino and the Castello di Rivara Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2017, on occasion of the CBM Art Prize, she is given a special mention by the city of Turin. She lives and works in Turin.

Selected solo shows:

Ieri e oggi, un ricordo, a cura di Matteo Galbiati, Leo Galleries, Monza (IT)

Valeria Vaccaro, Galleria Davide Paludetto, Torino (IT)

Selected group shows:

<20 15x15/20x20 | Collezione PUNTO SULL'ARTE 2019, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Lollipop, a cura di Alessandra Redaelli, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Setup art fair, a cura di Simona Gavioli, Bologna (IT)

The others, a cura di Beatrice Auditrio, Zeit Gallery, Pietrasanta (IT)
Focus Monza, Cantiere Tempo, a cura di Matteo Galbiati, Monza (IT)
ArTeam cup 2018, a cura di Matteo Galbiati e Livia Savorelli, Fondazione Dino Zoli, Forlì (IT)

ArtVerona, Galleria Davide Paludetto, Torino (IT)
Special sculpture project, a cura di Francesca Canfora, Mauto, (IT)
ArTeam cup 2017, a cura di Matteo Galbiati e Livia Savorelli, Leo Galleries, Canneto sull'oglio, (IT)
Premio CBM, menzione speciale città di Torino, (IT)
artSite, a cura di Domenico M. Papa, Racconigi, (IT)

Exhibit, a cura di Olga Gambari e Roberta Pagani, Torino (IT)
3X3, Galleria Zabert di Roberto Grasselli, Torino (IT)
1985-2015, museo di arte italiana, 30 anni d'arte contemporanea,Torino (IT)
TENTAZIONI, a cura di Luca Beatrice, Galleria Zabert, Torino (IT)
TRASMUTAZIONI, oltre l'uomo la materia, a cura di Francesca Canfora, Chiesa di San Vittore, Vercelli, (IT)

(S)colpiti dalla crisi, a cura di Francesca Canfora, Palazzo Birago, Torino, (IT)
(S)colpiti dalla crisi, a cura di Francesca Canfora, Castello di Rivara, Torino, (IT)
2013-15 Biennale Itinerante europea JCE, Jeune Crèation, Europèenne, a cura di Andrea Ponsini.
Mountrouge (FR), Maastricht (NL), Amburgo (DE), Klaipeda (LT), Bratislava (SK), Pècs (HU), Salisburgo (AT), Como (IT), Figueras (ES), Amarante (PT)

Botteghe d'artista, sette coppie di artisti, idee ed esperienze creative in dialogo, progetto sezione speciale PIX, Studio dell'artista Fabio Viale, Torino (IT)


  • 2012 » Vincitrice del 1° Premio Opera Le vie dell'acqua, Chiostro della Biblioteca Oriani, Ravenna (I)
  • 2012 » Vincitrice del 1° Premio Opera Le vie dell'acqua, Magazzini del Sale, Cervia, Ra (I)
  • 2011 » Vincitrice Premio Ora, Associazione culturale Radar, San Donà di Piave, Ve (I)
  • 2008 » Cammina con l'Arte: Vincitrice del Primo Premio Stonefly, nell'ambito della mostra dall'Accademia alla Fornace, Fornace di Asolo, Tr (I)
  • 2008 » Vincitrice di tre Premi speciali per la Sezione Scultura, Premio Arte Laguna, Fondazione Benetton, Palazzo Bomben, Treviso (I)
  • 2007 » Vincitrice di due Premi Speciali, Premio Arte Laguna, Museo di Santa Caterina, Treviso (I)
  • 2006 » Pagine Bianche d'Autore, Premio e Segnalazione Giuria per il Veneto, (I)
  • 2006 » Il Giardino delle Forme, Premio Arturo Martini, Scultura Veneta Contemporanea, chiostro della chiesa di S. Francesco, Treviso (I)

Alessandra Redaelli

Matthias Verginer. Riding the tiger.

Matthias Verginer followed his father's footsteps, that Willy Verginer, who turned two-colour wood into his personal sign and chose that material, reinterpreted through sudden cuts of bright colour, to narrate a humanity filled with poetry. Matthias kept the material, the light and smooth limewood, but chose the irony of pop language. Whether within Busti, maybe the most classic series of his production, it might be perceived a certain acceptance to the most traditional configuration of sculpture – and the irony is expressed by the excessive or symbolic clothes, hats or accessories –, it is within Ironic sculptures that the artist from Alto Adige really manifests his true voice. The main characters are a man and a woman (he is slim, whereas she is happily chubby), mostly naked, sometimes represented like a cute couple holding hands, with the bodies burnt from the sun and the white lines of the swimsuits, often accompanied by animals. The result is a sort of a cartoon Eden, where the joy of living is actualized through a cheerful harmony between humanity and nature, a wild primitive context where violence is not included and if a girl rides a beast or pulls the tail of a tiger is just for fun. Deeply focused upon details, perfectly able to camouflage, the artist plays with our perceptions by confusing us, through overturning of proportions and precise chromatic choices, like the one of leaving the body of the girl in natural wood colour, while painting the animal with vibrant and not completely plausible hues, HD colours which leave us balancing between reality and fairy tale. Even from a stylistic point of view, the works by Matthias Verginer are an intriguing game of balances and volumes, renaissance geometries (the curvilinear body of the girl) and lines. A clever divertissement that, behind a bubbly joie de vivre, conveys messages about our conflicting relationship with Mother Nature, and our need of recovering our most genuine nature.