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Dolores Previtali

Foto Dolores Previtali

Born in Bergamo in 1949. Self-educated artist, she started to mould clay in order to sublimate her pain, turning it into her own silent plea. She then started to shape terracotta and realized the torsos series, abstract sculptures gifted with an uncontrollable drama. Through her recent works, the artist has found the perfect balance between the initial painful characters and the headless torsos torn by sorrow. Little or huge, gathered in masses or scant groups, they narrate they walk of humanity through stacks of roaming figures. She started exposing her woks in 1993. Since then she realized various solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad (France, Switzerland and Belgium) and she took part in many Art Fairs in Italy. She lives and works in Robbiate, near Lecco.

Recent solo-exhibitions:

Polvere di speranza, Antico Mulino e Sala delle Colonne, Portogruaro – Venezia (IT)
Sculture, Galleria Compagnia Del Disegno, Milano (IT)
Via crucis, Basilica di San Giovanni, Brescia (IT)
Materico – Cestari, Previtali, Suñol, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)

Quaranta due viaggio senza fine, Palazzo Prinetti, Palazzo Comunale, Galleria Arte20, Merate – Lecco (IT)

Donare la vita nel tempo, Chiesa Parrocchiale, Longuelo – Bergamo (IT)

Polvere di speranza, Chiesa di S. Zenone, Brescia (IT)
Via Crucis, Parrocchiale di S.Andrea, Concesio - Brescia (IT)
Spazio Arte in Fiera, Osnago – Lecco (IT)

Uomini, il corpo, lo sguardo, Villa Concordia, Robbiate – Lecco (IT)
Bianco, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Lecco (IT)
Verso il Natale, Parrocchia S. Martino, Calolziocorte – Lecco (IT)

Uomini nel corpo, nel viaggio della scultura, Museo Civico di Chiusa "Stadtmuseum Klausen", Chiusa – Bolzano (IT)
Uomini nel corpo, Sala delle Colonne, Portogruaro – Venezia (IT)

Imminenze, Museo Civico "Parisi Valle", Maccagno – Varese (IT)

Recent group-exhibitions:

Tracce di Contemporaneo, Palazzo Filippini, Besana Brianza – Lecco (IT)
Nel Vento, Casa del Custode delle Acque, Fara Gera D'Adda – Bergamo (IT)
Materie, TERRA, Biblioteca, Mezzago – Milano (IT)
Cristo, nostro perenne annuncio, Mater Divinae Gratiae, Brescia (IT)
Cristo, nostro perenne annuncio, Biblioteca, Concesio – Brescia (IT)
Viaggio di speranza, Carcere Circondarilae di Bollate, Bollate – Milano (IT)

Bergamo Arte Fiera, Bergamo (IT)
Materie - Terra, Spazio Comunale, Brivio – Lecco (IT)
Materie - Toccare, Centro S. Fedele, Calusco d'A. – Bergamo (IT)
Materie - Metallo, Palazzo Ghirlanda Silva, Brugherio – Milano (IT)

La voce del corpo, Spazio Fiera, Osnago – Lecco (IT)

Bianco, Spazio Heart, Vimercate – Monza e Brianza (IT)
Creativi per Lecco, (Asta benefica), Spazio Fiera 2012, Osnago – Lecco (IT)
La Nostra Famiglia, Bosisio Parini – Lecco (IT)
Torre Viscontea, Lecco (IT)
Teatro Della Società, Lecco (IT)

Quod erat demonstrandum, Palazzo Lombardi, Arezzo (IT)
Articolo 11, Torre Viscontea, Lecco (IT)
Bianco, Villa Monastero, Varenna – Lecco (IT)
Villa Bertarelli, Galbiate – Lecco (IT)
Monastero S. Maria Del Lavello, Calolziocorte – Lecco (IT)
Verso Natale, Parrocchia S. Martino, Calolziocorte – Lecco (IT)
Animali, Madonna Della Ripa, Desenzano di Albino – Bergamo (IT)
Forme d'arte in Relazione, Biblioteca Comunale, Viganò – Lecco (IT)
Pulse, Spazio Heart, Vimercate – Monza e Brianza (IT)
Uomini, il corpo, lo sguardo, Villa Concordia, Robbiate – Lecco (IT)

Uomini nel corpo, Polo Universitario "Sala Delle Colonne", Portogruaro – Venezia (IT)
Differenze, Ex Convento della Ripa, Desenzano di Albino – Bergamo (IT)
L'arte in Brianza dal 1950 a oggi, Omaggio a Morlotti, Palazzo Archinti, Mezzago - Milano (IT)
Paderno d'Adda – Lecco (IT), Cascina Maria Brivio, Lecco (IT)
Quadreria, Malgrate – Lecco (IT)
Art&nergia, Padiglioni Fiera del Sole, Osnago – Lecco (IT)
Curare con arte, Spazio Mandic, Merate – Lecco (IT)

Cara Africa, Sala Civica Sandro Pertini, Osnago – Lecco (IT)
Talenti in mostra, Torre Viscontea, Lecco (IT)
Luci della ribalta, Spazio Tadini, Milano (IT)
Immaginare la realtà, Garbagnate Milanese – Milano (IT)
RIParte, Ex Convento della Ripa, Desenzano di Albino – Bergamo (IT)

Mauthausen, Sala Consiliare, Cernusco sul Naviglio – Milano (IT)
Leonardo tra terra e cielo, Chiesetta S. Maria dell'addolorata, Paderno D'Adda – Lecco (IT)
Palazzo Rodigario de Rodigari Albino, Bergamo (IT)

Alessandra Redaelli

Dolores Previtali. Terracotta mystic chant.

I first met Dolores Previtali one year ago, when I had the chance of curating one of her exhibitions. I already knew her work, but getting in touch with her allowed me to completely understand its value. That exhibition – and especially that meeting – were both an artistic and mystical experience. Mystical in its broadest sense. Dolores owns a determined creed, which became the focal element of her life. But there is more. The mysticism conveyed by her works goes beyond her faith. Beyond the iconography of an – although powerful – Via Crucis. What can be perceived in front of the suffering, exhausted, torn terracotta, is the result of an intense dialogue which the artist carries on with her inner self since she was young, a sort of personal ascesis shared through her works which can be clearly perceived in front of her sculptures. Being characterized by an acute sensitivity and able to feel strong empathy in front of suffer – as if her name somehow predestined her –, she devoted herself to art, at first to sublimate her pain through a personal dialogue with material and destiny. Such a personal conversation that she kept her works for herself for twenty (twenty!), years like a secret diary. Then the dialogue widened. Someone made her understand that her voice went beyond, it could – must – be shared. Thus, this private speech lies within her first works: emaciated, painful bodies whose faces are pointed towards the sky. At first, the material was polished, tamed, moulded to be more agreeable, then Dolores discovered the roughness within the terracotta, its innate coarseness, its genuine voice. Therefore she created the torsos series, almost abstract figures whose material cracks into painful, layered wounds, often reinforced by bloody chromatisms. Whereas, her recent works, stacks of roaming people, represent the walk of humanity. Little or huge, gathered in masses or scant groups, stubbornly heading towards a single direction or lost, their glances are always pointed towards the sky, within a silent and moving plea. Meanwhile, during the years, the artist strongly reduced their concreteness in favour of an extreme stylization. Their bodies are now a string of material, their faces just a half-moon; a process of removal and simplification which led her to reveal their essence, sculpting their souls. Only the voice remains the same within prayer, whereas terracotta spreads out, breaking the continuity, cracking into rough wounds, which only the mystic chant will – perhaps – manage to heal.

selected works