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Johannes Nielsen

Johannes Nielsen, who lives and works in China, creates mild and thready sculptures characterized by an aesthetic minimalism, which transmits essentiality and motion. Delicate and light human and animal bodies realized by taking inspiration from the trees, exceptional models which reproduce life, arms and legs.

This kind of process results into stylized human and animal bodies, perfectly interwoven with nature, which recall atmospheres full of suggestions, that force us to remember that everything is uniquely and inevitably temporary.

Johannes Nielsen was born in 1979 in Falkenberg (Sweden). In 2001 he enrolled in the Lund's Art School. In 2003 he moved to Dublin and became the assistant of the famous sculptor Patrick O'Reilly, where he honed his sculptural practice. He has participated in several fairs and exhibitions in Scandinavia and Asia. His works are part of public and private collections in Sweden, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kaliningrad, Hollywood, New York and Montreal.

Recently one of his works has been exposed at the ShangShang Art Museum in Beijing.

He lives and works in Beijing (China) from 2007.

Exhibitions (selection):
ExpoArte Montichiari, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Montichiari, Brescia (IT)
Group Show, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Bergamo Arte Fiera, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Bergamo (IT)

GrandArt, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Milano )IT)
ArtVerona, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Verona (IT)
Soliloquio – Federico Infante e Johannes Nielsen, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Galleri Ingela S, Stockhokm (SE)
Ying Gallery, Beijing (CN)

5 Anni | Classico Contemporaneo, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne Barbara Ruetz, Monaco (DE)

Songzhuang Art museum, Pechino (CN)
Zhongshan Art Festival, Guangzhou (CN)
BAF, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Bergamo (IT)
ArteGenova, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Genova (IT)
Konst och antikmässan, Stoccolma (SE)
Solo show, Galleri Abante, Stoccolma (SE)

Galleri plan B, Växjö (SE)
Solo show, GKM, Gothenburg (SE)
St-Art, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Strasburgo (FR)
ArtVerona, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Verona (IT)
Assenza Essenza – Massagrande, Nielsen, Quaresima, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)
ArteGenova, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Genova (IT)

GKM Gallery, Gothenburg, (SE)
Yikong gallery, Beijing (CN)
Galleri DanArt, Osterlen (SE)
BAF, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Bergamo (IT)

ArteGenova, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Genova (IT)
Art4Business, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Busto Arsizio (IT)
NaturAzioni – Ciaurro, Forbici, Nielsen, Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese, (IT)
Degreeart, London (GB)
Shangshan art gallery, Songzhuang (CN)

Damina Gallery, Hong Kong (HK)
Abante Galleri, Stoccolma (SE)
Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE, Varese (IT)

Panncentralen, Mariestad (SE)
Galleri Abante, Stoccolma (SE)
Art fair, 8 Art Gallery, Singapore (SG)
Panncentralen, Mariestad (SE)
Art fair, 8 Art Gallery, Oslo (NO)
Slottsgalleriet, Ystad (SE)
Fryshuset/Lilla galleriet, Göteborg (SE)
Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK)

Art fair, Londra (GB)

Galleri Abante, Stockholm (SE)
Smygehuk art festival (SE)
Galleri Ason, Karlstad (SE)
Havnagalleriet, Dragör, (DK)
Marsvinsholms skulpturpark, Ystad (SE)
CISAE 09 sculptureshow, Beijing (CN)
Falkenbergs Konsthall, Falkenberg (SE)
Galleri Henrik Gerner, Moss (NO)
Eight art gallery Singapore (SG)
Sjöbo konsthall, Sjöbo (SE)
Galleri gamla mäster olof, Stoccolma (SE)
Galleri N.F., Trelleborg (SE)
Galleri Blå, Linköping (SE)
Marsvinsholms skulpturpark, Ystad (SE)
Green hotel, Tällberg (SE)
Galleri Abante, Stoccolma (SE)
Galleri Flamingo, Falkenberg (SE)
Galleri Rita, Göteborg (SE)
Sollentuna Expo (Fiera d' Arte), Stoccolma (SE)
Galleri Gamla Väster, Malmö (SE)

Collections in Sweden:
Gravitation, Unique edition bronze sculpture for TetraPak, Lund (SE)
Anda, 2,8m tall horse sculpture, Hannels Dressage, Falkenberg (SE)
Comune di Sjöbo (SE)
Comune di Falkenbergs (SE)
Green Hotel, Tällberg (SE)
Museo di disegno di Laholm (SE)
Varie associazioni di Arte (SE)
Varie collezioni private (SE)

Collections in the world:
Silent, 2m high bronze horse for private collector, Singapore (SG)
Coworth Park, Londra (GB)
Singapore polo club, Singapore (SG)
Herman Heung (collezionista), Hong Kong (HK)
Mr. Pong (Gallerista), Pekino (CN)
Kalinigrad State Art Gallery (RU)
Collezione privata Thach, Hollywood (US)
Collezione privata Arsenault, Montreal (CA)
Collezione privata Fieldman, New York (US)
Alessandra Redaelli

Johannes Nielsen. The shape of the soul.

Born in Sweden, he moved to China four years ago due to a sort of destiny call. He chose China because he was so fascinated by its places and people to be at last totally overwhelmed and captured. As a matter of fact his sculptures are so thin, airy, elegant and neat to resemble oriental writing which, through an ink stroke. can communicate the deepest and complex meanings hidden within a text. In the same way, Nielsen’s horses and figures are both thick and light.

When he lived in Dublin, his house was flanked by a huge oak, which he admired every morning. He desperately tried to paint it, but he could not seize its rooted essence. Then he started to sculpt men, women and horses finally discovering that kind of essence. That aiming at the sky, towards that undefined beyond which we call spirit or soul. While he carves his figures he imagines them as if they were in constant expansion and growth. As if from their arms spread into a frozen flight, their legs lifted up or their back arched to express joy -or pain- buds and branches could grow, and new buds, flowers and branches could reach the walls, overcoming them, beyond the windows, roof and sky. Through a contemporary language, yet filled with classical suggestions, and a game of references starting from Giacometti’s solemn figures to Antony Gormley’s communicative power, passing through Degas’s sinuosity and the stylization by Marino Marini, Nielsen manages to deprive shape from its adjectives, enriching it with meanings, carving the body to let us see its soul.

Daniela Croci Silvuni

When the line becomes matter and the spiritual turns into shape.

When the line becomes matter and the spiritual turns into shape, the result is always something fascinating and mysterious. Johannes Nielsen's pieces of art induce the rare sensation of stopping through glance a figure which seems to fly off. The relationship with men, horses and the other figures by Nielsen is visionary and essential, like Sweden landscapes and the projects by its architects and designers. The boundary between the recognizable object and its inner essence is always delicate, unseizable, eluding when it is almost caught. It is a horse painted through a sinuous line, traced by an expert hand which never interrupts the sign. The whole is dynamic, descriptive and surreal.

The long, thin and agile legs of his horses fill a wide space which, since it is created more through empties than solids, provides weight and dynamic strength to the painting. Weight and matter clash within elegant compositions and balance is produced by the contrast between powerful lightness and mild materiality. Nielsen's figures are ready to soar, but something is holding them to the ground, an invisible magnet which prevents their flight. In the same way, his human figures – almost recalling Giacometti's proportions – are sodden with lyric primitivism and represent the spiritual essence which, deprived of matter and lines, could not reveal itself.

Selected works