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alberto bortoluzzi

Courtesy foto Giovanni Gastel
Art originates freely within Alberto Bortoluzzi's photos, with the instinctive power of a natural revelation. The pieces of art, characterized by the research of the elementary and ancestral forces, come to life from the amazing nature which surrounds us, in this case twines of branches and anthropomorphous and granitic rocks from Sardinia. Photos as abstract works; apparently simple forms transfigure into primordial symbols full of multiple meanings, metaphors of the paths of life.

Alberto Bortoluzzi was born in Varese on 1961. After his degree in Geological Sciences in 1987, he decides to commit completely to photography, turning it from passion to a real job. He cooperated with various national reviews, he published several books and realized numerous exhibitions; his last solo exhibition was held at Palazzo Reale, in Milan, in 2010. His works are part of public and private collections in Varese, Lousanne, Belfast and Mantua. He lives and works in Varese.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2012 » Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE, Varese “M/ARBRES”
  • 2011 » Museo d'arte moderna Castello di Masnago (VA) "24+1 Cinema Chairs Project"
  • 2008 » Villa Panza-Varese "Ciclisti"
  • 2008 » Gam Gallarate "Ritratti associazione liberi artisti"
  • 2005 » Credito Valtellinese, Milano "Scampini+Indebele"
  • 2004 » Museo d'arte moderna Pagani, Castellanza (Va) "Intrecci"
  • 2003 » Galleria Nuova Visione - Gallarate (VA) "Opere Varie"
  • 2002 » Museo d'arte moderna Chiostro di Voltorre "About flowers and..."
  • 2002 » Fondazione delle Stelline Milano "About flowers and"
  • 2002 » F.A.I Monastero di Torba (VA) "About flowers and…"
  • 2000 » Galleria il Diaframma, Milano,"Antologica"
  • 2000 » F.A.I. Villa della Porta Bozzolo, Casalzuigno (VA), "Spaventapasseri"
  • 1999 » Museo D'arte Contemporanea di Varese "Alberi e rocce"
  • 1998 » Spazio Erreti Milano "Retrospettiva"
  • 1998 » Comune di Cavriago (RE) "Alberi e rocce"
  • 1996 » Comune di Montalcino "Metamorfosi"
  • 1995 » Galleria Eugenio Costa Genova "Metamorfosi"
  • 1994 » Sacro monte di Varese "Grafica in natura e nei centri urbani"
  • 1994 » Comune di Sesto Calende "Yemen"

Group shows:

  • 2013 » Bergamo Arte Fiera, Bergamo, Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE
  • 2012 » Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE , Varese “Facciamo il “Punto” sull’Arte”
  • 2012 » Art4Business, Busto Arsizio, Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE
  • 2012 » ArteGenova, Genova, Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE
  • 2011 » Civico Museo di Villa Mirabello "150 dell' Unità d'Italia"
  • 2011 » "26a Biennale Internazionale dell' Umorismo nell'Arte" Tolentino
  • 2010 » Museo d'arte Castello di Masnago Varese "Art Party" (sferica)
  • 2008 » Chiostro di Voltorre "Dinamiche del vento"
  • 2007 » Civico Museo di Villa Mirabello "Varese in Comune"
  • 2006 » Comune di Varese "Festa della donna"
  • 2005 » Sala Veratti Varese "Rifiuti"
  • 2001 » Scavi Scaligeri Verona "PHOTO"
  • 2001 » Museo D'arte Contemporanea "Gazoldo degli Ippoliti" Rodigo (MN).
  • 2000 » Regione Lombardia "Effetto Paesaggio" itinerante.
  • 1997 » Museo S. Agostino Genova "Un futuro nell'Antico"
  • 1994 » Sede Ikea Corsico "Squardi sul nord"
  • 1994 » Chiostro Veratti Varese "Una Varese tutta da vedere"
  • 1994 » Biblioteca Comunale via Quarenghi Milano "Squardi sul nord"
  • 1993 » Fondazione Giacomo Costa Genova "Viaggio intorno alla tua camera"


  • "Vespamente Vostro" Alberto Bortoluzzi Editore 2012
  • "24+1 Cinema Chairs Project" Silvana Editoriale 2010
  • "Varese 2008, io c'ero" Edizioni Quirici 2008
  • "Ciclisti" Edizioni Quirici 2008
  • "17 Gennaio festa di S. Antonio Abate" Alberto Bortoluzzi editore 2005
  • "Golf Club Varese" Alberto Bortoluzzi editore 2004
  • "About Flowers And." Silvana Editoriale 2001
  • "A Day at the Gym" Alberto Bortoluzzi editore 2001
  • "Spaventapasseri" Alberto Bortoluzzi editore 1999
  • "Metamorfosi" Federico Motta editore 1995

Daniela Croci Silvuni

The expertise of a geologist and the sensitiveness of an artist, 'fixed' together through that particular drawing technique which uses the lens and the various printing braces. This is how the work by Alberto Bortoluzzi (born in Varese in 1961 and graduated in Geology in 1987) can be summed up, through fundamental experiences which turn him into an amazing artist. Observing Bortoluzzi's works it is understood that the camera is simply the instrument which, within the hands of this artist, assume the same function as the brush for the painter. An instrument in the service of a personal and inner vision of the objects' souls, not a technicality – precise but detached – usually used for the objective representation of reality.

Surely the experienced photographer (Bortoluzzi works in this sector since 1993) contributed to the creation of this fascinating personality, but it is also due to his being a geologist, that is to say someone who is fascinated by the Earth since its ancient formation. The outcome is the (unique) capacity of anchoring, within the perimeter of his works, the becoming of the world and the ancestral features of the rocks eroded by the wind. The artistic research by Bortoluzzi explores nature with the intention of finding primordial and anthropomorphic forms, to possibly have the confirmation that man can live in harmony with the earth, merging with it.

Like the granite of the Maddalena archipelago: amazing forms seemingly created by a skilled hand which assume aspects perfectly in harmony with the natural environment. From time to time they look like a whale plunging into the sea, an eagle spreading its wings, Jurassic monsters standing against the sky, faces eroded by the wind which rake the horizon hidden into the gorges of a mountain or again spirits come from the past which manifest within fabulous volumes. According to Bortoluzzi, Nature is not only a mother, but also a master. It teaches us that any form created by mankind already existed. It is shown also by a tangle of branches of a bare tree, remembering us that it is important to know how to be amazed, being at the same time pure at heart and refined observers.

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